A Pediatric Dentist’s Special Role

A Good Pediatric Dentist Knows How to Relate to Your Child

A pediatric dentist is more than just a dentist who has a lot of young patients. Warm Springs Family Dental has many patients under the age of 18. Dr. Patterson and Dr. Hansen consider it an honor to have the opportunity to teach young people how to care for their teeth. Strong, healthy teeth are integral to good overall health and a feeling of well-being in youngsters.

Children and adolescents have dental needs that are often entirely different from those of adults. A pediatric dentist, together with parents, can positively influence children about the importance of good oral hygiene and caring for their teeth by understanding those needs.

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Responsibilities of the Pediatric Dentist

Encouraging children and adolescents to develop habits that will enable them to keep their teeth strong and healthy for a lifetime is one of the chief responsibilities of a pediatric dentist. Other responsibilities include:

  • Counseling parents on how they can help their children keep their teeth health and strong. When parents partner with the pediatric dentist, they make a particularly effective team that greatly benefits children’s oral health.
  • Creating an environment at the dental office that is enjoyable for children to visit. We do our best to minimize anxiety children feel during a dental visit by explaining to them in plain language the importance of specific dental procedures while emphasizing gentle treatments at all times.
  • Providing competent care during every appointment, including early diagnosis of potentially difficult oral problems. This includes recognizing the need for orthodontia at the appropriate age.

Would you like to find a pediatric dentist in Fremont who can relate to your youngster and make every appointment a stress-free experience for both you and your child? Call Warm Springs Family Dental at 510-490-3737 to schedule a visit or ask questions about your child’s oral health.